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We Manufacture NEW Solutions!

Why would you buy your Architectural Panels from a company named Flexible Materials?  It's simple...Flexibility is the key to giving you what you want, when you want it.  Since 1929, we have been successfully supplying the woodworking industry and the architectural design community with Flexwood ® , we not only know what it takes to supply your needs, we have also developed the organization and the processes which will enable us to meet your needs reliably and consistently.  Here are just a few of the reasons why we think we can earn your business.

There is a big difference between "commodity plywood" and Architectural Panels.  We not only understand that difference, we assure it by using the finest wood veneers and core materials available.   Our select veneer faces are hot pressed to your choice of substrates to assure a superior bond.

Custom Capabilities
If your customer wanted something ordinary, they probably wouldn't have come to you.  We are not in the "ordinary" business!   We can provide panels which are sequence matched, end matched, cut-to-size and produced using fancy sketched faces.  We offer sizes up to 5' wide x 12' long )or 12' wide x 5" long crossgrain) and we have the ability to sand crossgrain panels.   Simply put.. . We Manufacture Solutions.

Minimum Order Quantities
While we have ample capacity to accommodate even the largest orders, we understand every order doesn't require truckload quantities.  We don't have a "truckload only mentality".  If you have a need, we have an interest in helping.

Lead Times
You need it when?  Chances are, we can help.  Most requirements can be shipped in approximately two weeks from the order date.

Flexible Materials ties it all together for you with one invaluable resource - our people.  Each of our employees work within a team environment which is focused on meeting your needs and enhancing your business opportunities.  We are represented throughout the United States by our direct sales force of technically proficient Account Managers.  Each have extensive backgrounds in the woodworking industry and understand what it takes to help you help your customers.   Please give us the opportunity to serve you.


   Anigre, Fig. & Plain   Maple, Figured
   Ash White   Movingue
   Ash, Brown   Oad, Red
   Avodire   Oak, White
   Beech, Steamed   Oak, English Brown
  Beech, Unsteamed   Pecan, Plain or Pecky
   Birch, Natural   Pine, Plain & Knotty
   Birch, White & Red   Prima Vera
   Bubinga/Kewazinga   Padouk
   Butternut   Purpleheart
   Cedar, Aromatic Red   Rosewood, Santos
  Rosewood, Brazilian
  Rosewood, Tulip
   Chestnut, Wormy   Sapeli
   Cypress   Sycamore, American
   Ebony, Macassar   Sycamore, Fig.
   Elm, Grey & Red   Teak
   Fir, Douglas   Walnut, American
   Gum, Red   Zebrawood
   Koa, Hawaiian   Burls
   Limba   Ash, White
  Lacewood   Ash, Olive
  Mahogany, African   Birch, Karelian
  Mahogany, Honduras   Elm, Carpathian
  Makore, Fig. & Plain   Madrone
  Maple   Myrtly
  Maple, Birdseye   Redwood
  Maple, Curly   Walnut
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